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Are You a Salesperson?

Sales Training and Development Speaker, Sheryl Nicholson states “We are ALL sales people! Many people have a problem with even the word! And you’ve been selling since you were a toddler and fought for that snack before dinner until your parents caved in. You just didn’t take “no” for an answer.  And if you’re looking for a job – you’ll be selling yourself and your talents to someone. Want a date? That’s a sales job! So’s a vacation! You must negotiate for what you want and it must benefit ALL to create a successful outcome”.  VIEW a Short Video Here

This Book Works for EVERYONE!

The Author, Sheryl Nicholson, CSP, has been using her system to train atypical sales people (architects, engineers, medical professionals) and legtimate sales teams worldwide, from the stage, for over 20 years. And she guarantees an increase in sales with her clients.  So now is your chance to get this information even though you may not have been in one of her audiences.  It’s a simple acronym S-O-L-V-E-I-T that creates a PATH for success that can be repeated and taught to others.

What This Book Will Do for YOU!

You will now have a system that you can customize to YOUR style. You’re not going to sound like a recorder repeating some sales script you’ve been taught. You’re not going to learn that people buy from “PAIN” so find their pain point. You will learn about SOLVING IT while building relationships with clients based on the results THEY are looking for while using YOUR product. Your journey will be interesting and FUN! When you put these tools into practice, you will make more money and develop a confidence that creates referrals. Then you can share what you’ve learned with others to help build a better and more successful team. 

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